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    Fake iPhone 14 pro max.

    I bought a fake Iphone 14 Pro Max and it’s riddled with backdoors. Buyers beware! Found this guy on Facebook by the name [Pdrock Mbugua](, he had apparently received an Iphone as a gift from the US and was looking to dispose it since he already had one. The price was really shady, but his […] More

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    Motivational conference scam.

    I remember when I was just out of high school I saw on of these things. The ad was about making money quick or at home, something to do with an eagle. I was pumped, skeptical but pumped. We were to get to the venue by 9am and carry about 500 cash to learn this […] More

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    About Kali's Sifu Bwana

    I was watching Kali’s SIfu Bwana video and I have to say, that’s a pretty dope song and they way it’s been made as well. But then I noticed the Monster Energy Ng’epa and Can. Now, back in 2012 or so I was really into researching conspiracy theories and as such, I remember an episode […] More

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    The Nairobi We Have. 001

    I was working on some sh*tty software at the JKIA, na ikaenda till around 7:30 PM (I had just gotten this job so I really wanted to show I’m a hardworker), now if you’re late at the Airport there’s usually no buses to get you to the gate and Mombasa rd so you usually ask […] More

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    The World's Richest Man, Born in Africa!

    The Time person of the year 2021, ended the year with a personal fortune of 273.5 billion dollars (31,014,900,000,000 kshs) yeah, had to write that in full…for effect, overcoming Jeff Bezos who ended the year at 194.2 billion dollars (22,022,280,000,000 kshs) Born in Pretoria, South Africa to an Engineer and a Model and Nutritionist, Elon […] More

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    Awesome Things To Do in Nairobi.

    Nairobi is an awesome city to live in, but once in a while the monotony of the bustle gets to you and you need to do something out of the norm, so here’s a list we’ve made for one of those days, Enjoy. 1. Hike across the Ngong Hills. From almost anywhere in Nairobi, The […] More

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    Getting The Covid 19 Vaccine? Here's What You Need To Know.

    Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine Recommended Ages  5+ years 2 Doses, administered 21 days apart Efficacy 95% Fully vaccinated 2 weeks after second dose Booster dose, 6 months after last dose. Moderna Vaccine Recommended Ages 18+ years 2 doses, administered 28 days apart. Efficacy 94.1%  Fully vaccinated 2 weeks after second dose. Booster dose, 6 months after last […] More