Another Land. Credit: mynatureisamazing

Another Land

Oh, our motherland!

The land we call home.

Not proud, but it is our Home .

It is our home we wish we were proud of.

The say patriotism.

But the patriot can’t afford a nibble.

Where do I even get the spirit?

The spirit to be a patriot.

Worked hard. Paid my taxes .

Where are our taxes?

Stashed in the Caymans?

Panama ,the ‘great’ United Kingdom?

Pandora papers?

Pandora’s box?

In the tax havens.

Our tax burdens heavy.


Do we need a disenchantment?

Snap from the illusion.

The say they fought for freedom.

Kingdom come. They own hectares.

Did the era of anything goes really end?

Even the old man had to please his cabal.

And the mace one pleased his cronies.

“we must retain the power within our kinsmen.”

The fly-whisk , the ivory baton , the driver , the bottle and the bible.

All different but similar.

Let’s wait and judge Bible Bill …


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