Fake iPhone 14 pro max.

I bought a fake Iphone 14 Pro Max and it’s riddled with backdoors. Buyers beware!

Found this guy on Facebook by the name [Pdrock Mbugua](https://www.facebook.com/pdrock.mbugua/), he had apparently received an Iphone as a gift from the US and was looking to dispose it since he already had one. The price was really shady, but his story checked out, so I decided to buy it. It was one of those moments where you know you are being really stupid, but continue being stupid anyway.

The phone is actually quite convincing and they have done a good job on the UI. But when you start using it, you find worms in the closet. You can’t sign in into iCloud, most settings don’t work, and at the very core, you can tell it’s running a very old Android version, probably 4.4.

But wait – there’s more! Every time you restart it, apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and a silly app called Zalo keep reinstalling themselves. So this device is likely being monitored and controlled remotely. That means there’s a huge security risk in terms of personal data. Funny enough, the IMEI and serial number validate successfully on the Apple website, which means this is a replica of an actual legit device.

I’m posting this here so that nobody falls into this trap. I talked to a guy on Apple and his advice was simple, find a very huge hammer and smash it to death. I think he’s right.

I have friends in the DCI but I figured it wasn’t worth anyone’s time going after him. Hopefully he will trip on a rock and hit his head really hard.


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