Motivational conference scam.

I remember when I was just out of high school I saw on of these things. The ad was about making money quick or at home, something to do with an eagle. I was pumped, skeptical but pumped. We were to get to the venue by 9am and carry about 500 cash to learn this foolproof money making method. It was hapo next to Kenya Cinema I forget the name of the building, I reached at 8:30 armed with a pen and notepad to digest this juicy secret. The floor was like a funnel with everyone being drained into a hall, just before the entrance there was a guy selling the tickets “pesa kwanza” says he, I gave the guy the 500 and was ushered into the hall. It was almost 9 and the hall was like half empty, I was thinking man, this guy is gonna come to speak then it’ll be full right?… Then I noticed it, mounted on the far corner of the hall was an old CRT tv, there’s no way…they would right? Right? But they did… The fucking thing came to life and that eagle guy ( he died in a plane crash) started addressing us, I looked around the room, fuck! I’d been had…nikajichekelea kwanza, I got up to leave, no one stopped me, the ushers were gone and the entrance the tickets guy had disappeared… I laughed even more and laughed all the way home, laughing … laughing at the fool.


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Ati Nini, hi mzinga peke yake? Leta!

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