Awesome Things To Do in Nairobi.

Nairobi is an awesome city to live in, but once in a while the monotony of the bustle gets to you and you need to do something out of the norm, so here’s a list we’ve made for one of those days, Enjoy.

1. Hike across the Ngong Hills.

From almost anywhere in Nairobi, The Ngong Hills are visibly standing tall. Located about 25 KM from the CBD this is a prime spot for a day away from the city. With a budget of about 1000kshs you can hike across the seven hills spanning from Ngong town all the way to Kona Baridi (The hike takes 4-5 hrs depending on your fitness level), enjoy scenic views of Nairobi and The Great Rift Valley, a hike up these hills is sure to refresh and revitalize your mind and body, Take a moment to see the massive the wind turbines, make a stop at Kompass where you can enjoy Ziplining, Biking, Paintball, Archery and a variety of food. The entrance fees are 200Kshs for Kenyans, 400kshs for residents and 600kshs for non residents (It’s also important to note that Hiking hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM, after 5 unaeza lala ndani), for more information check here (Fun fact; airplanes landing at JKIA use the Ngong Hills as a land mark on their descent path)

what you’ll need:

  •  A good pair of shoes, sneakers or hiking boots (boots are best incase it rains)
  • Water
  • A snack
  • loose fitting and Warm clothing (It gets really windy up there)
  • Camera
  • Good Company (If hiking alone, KWS Guides are available at the Entrances)

2. Visit The Top of The KICC building (Helipad).

Experience Nairobi’s aerial view from the top if the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, A truly breathtaking view of Kenya’s Capital city. It’s open everyday from 8AM to 6PM, Fees are 300kshs for citizens and 500 for non residents. Oh and about Cameras better to carry your phone or a simple point and shoot camera as there’s a separate charge for large/professional cameras. For more information see here.

3. Catch a Play at one of Nairobi’s Performing Arts venues.

A while back I was able to watch thespians perform Shakespeare’s Othello, I didn’t go in expecting much but I was really blown away, watching a play just has a level of experience that a movie cannot reproduce. Fees range from 500kshs to 1000kshs depending on the performance. You can watch a play at;

4.Visit Paradise Lost.

Looking for a place to chill?, go on a date maybe(first dates go well here), a day with the family, enjoy fresh air and a boat ride? look no further, Visit Paradise Lost. Located in Kiambu about 14 Kilometers from the CBD in, This is probably Nairobi’s best kept gem. Fees are 500kshs for adults, 300kshs for children, 200kshs for parking, with separate fees for the various available activities including;

  • Camping ; 1000kshs per person, per night with own camping equipment, 1500kshs per person, per night for camping equipment provided by Paradise lost.
  • Picnics; You only need to pay the Entrance fee 500kshs, Paradise Lost operates 24hrs so the picnic times are from whenever you arrive to 6 PM.
  • Boat rides; 400kshs per head on the rowboats, 700kshs per head on the engine boats.
  • The Mau Mau Stone Age caves & waterfall; Visiting the caves and the waterfall is free during weekdays, during weekends and public holidays a fee of 400kshs is charged.
  • Ziplining; Paradise Lost has a 650 meter zipline, the fee is 1500 per head.
  • Archery; Fees are 600kshs for 10 arrows or 1200kshs for 30 minutes (unlimited arrows)
  • Horse riding; Fees are 300kshs for 10 minutes and 1500kshs per hour.

for more information, see here.

5.Play Paintball.

In the past few years Paintball has gained major popularity in Nairobi, cause it’s an awesome sport, fit for 4 to 20 or more, re-enact your best CS-GO/COD shots or those famous diving shots from almost every 90’s action movie with your friends. Paintball Venues in Nairobi include:

  • Paintball Fury. They have Locations in; Karen (Waterfront Mall), Lang’ata (Lang’ata Go Kart), Mombasa (Mombasa Go Kart) Chaka Ranch and Purdy Arms (Karen). The Fees are 1500kshs per head for 90 minutes (150 paintballs) It’s advisable to call and book in advance to avoid any inconvenience, for more information see here.
  • The Forest. Though it’s about an hours’ drive from Nairobi the fresh air and general outdoor experience is worth it, Located near Limuru in Kerieta Forest, for an outdoor Paintball experience (For an inconvenience free experience it’s best to book ahead). Fees are 1750kshs per head (Max 20 people) for more info see here.

6. Visit The Nairobi National Museum & Snake Park.

Get a taste of our heritage and history, get fascinated by Kenya’s wildlife variety, Discover Early Man and look into the cold blooded eyes of some scary reptiles at the Nairobi National Museum and Snake Park. Entrance fees are;

7. Tour The Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

Located in the Nairobi National Park, along Lang’ata rd, Visit the Nairobi Animal Orphanage to get a close up view of a variety of animals, watch the carnivores tear meat apart during feeding time, The Orphanage serves as a Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for the wildlife. Fees are; 200kshs for Citizens and residents, 100 for children in the same category, 20$ for non residents 10$ for children in the same category. The orphanage operates everyday from 9AM to 6PM. For more info see here.

8. Game Drive Through The Nairobi National Park.

Enjoy a drive through The Nairobi National Park, see why Nairobi is the World’s only Wildlife Capital. View and take photos of Kenya’s awesome wildlife with Nairobi’s skyline in the backdrop. Located 10-15 minutes outside the CBD on Lang’ata rd The Nairobi National Park is a great destination for a day out. The Charges are; 400kshs per head (adult Citizens & residents) 200kshs per head ( Child Citizens and residents)  35$ per head (non-resident adults) 20$ per head (non-resident child) One is also required to pay Vehicle Entry fees as follows; up to 6 seater-300kshs, 7-12 seater 1030kshs, 13-24 seater 2585kshs . The Park operates from 6AM to 6PM, only re-usable plastic (Bottles) is allowed, for more info see here. As you drive through the parks be sure to lock your doors so you don’t end up in this situation.

9. Bike Through The Karura Forest Trails.

Among Nairobi’s hidden gems, The Karura forest is a must visit for any nature lover, located about 5 kilometers from the CBD, delight in a day communing with nature, fresh and revitalizing air. Dubbed Nairobi’s largest green zone Karura has a 12 kilometer biking trail, quite an exhilarating workout actually, The Biking Charges are 500kshs for 2 hours. Karura forest also has other activities including; Jogging, Dog walking, Nature Hikes, Tennis and I understand an Obstacle Course is under construction. Entrance Charges are 100kshs (adult Citizens) 50kshs (Child Citizens), 200kshs (Adult Residents) 100kshs (Child Residents), 600kshs (Adult non-residents) 300kshs (Child non-residents). Parking Fees range from 100kshs to 500kshs depending on the size of the vehicle. For more info see here.

10. Visit The Giraffe Centre.

Visit and interact with the worlds tallest species at the Giraffe Center, located 40 minutes away from the CBD on Duma rd, You can spend about an hour here having a close up interaction and learning about these magnificent beasts. Charges are; 400kshs (Adult Resident) 200kshs (Child Resident), 1500kshs (Adult non-resident) 750kshs (Child non-resident). Side note, you should watch out over there, the giraffes are pretty frisky. For more info see here.

11. Take An Awesome Tour of Nairobi City With The Nai Nami.

You may know Nairobi, but probably not like these guys do, Take a 3 hour Tour of Downtown Nairobi with the Nai Nami guys, Cheza na  Cheddaz, Donga and Kissmart as they narrate their inspiring story, Get to hear authentic tales  about the Half-Life side of Nairobi life as explained by the former streetboys, The Charges are 3500kshs per head, which includes a meal. You’re sure to learn something new in this adventure and promote local tourism while you’re at it, Fun Fact; These guys have a 5.0 rating on google (The only one I’ve seen actually, Kudos). For more info see here.

12. Shop at the Maasai Market.

Visit Nairobi’s mobile market for curios, paintings, drawings, clothes and fabrics with East African prints, jewelry and wood-carvings, hand-made in Kenya by our local artisans. The Maasai Market is found in different locations throughout the city on different days of the week and operates from 8AM to 6PM in the following locations;

  • Tuesday – Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River and Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road.
  • Wednesday – Capital Center along Mombasa rd
  • Thursday – The junction Mall & along Ngong road
  • Friday – The Village market along Limuru road & Langinton Mall
  • Saturday -The High court parking in the city Center opposite Re-Insurance Plaza & Prestige Plaza along Ngong road
  • Sunday -Yaya Center along Valley Road in Hurlingham

(Due to Covid-19 restrictions the market operates on Saturdays & Sundays)

13. Visit The Nairobi Arboretum.

An Arboretum is basically an outdoor tree museum and this is exactly what you get when you visit the Nairobi Arboretum, home to about 350 species of Flora. Located 3 kilometers from the CBD The Arboretum is an awesome place for a refreshing walk, jog, picnic with friends, communing with nature or just meditate in this tranquil environment. The Charges are 65kshs (Adults) 27kshs (Children), The fee is the same for residents and non-residents. There’s a separate charge for Photography (1000kshs) and videography (2500kshs). For more info see here.

14. Ride Africa’s Tallest Ferris Wheel.

 Christened CK’s (Dr Chris Kirubi) Eye of Kenya and located at the Two Rivers Mall, This is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Africa, Towering at a height of 60 meters. Enjoy panoramic views of Nairobi and test your fear of heights as you revolve in one of the wheels 40 cabins. The Charges are 500kshs per head for 2 revolutions lasting about 14 minutes.

15. Swim in one of Nairobi’s Olympic Sized Pools.

Nairobi is home to some of the best swimming pools in the country, and apart from being a great all-round cardiovascular exercise, Swimming is also very relaxing. Enjoy Olympic sized pools at. The charges at both venues are 200kshs.

  • Nyayo Aquatic Stadium
  • Kasarani Aquatic Stadium (Awesome 10 meter diving tower)


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